Random blond guy :>

Original art!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted! I’ve been crazy busy with life recently, I only just got a moment to myself at last..!

I initially wanted to draw crazy epic stuff but I ended up drawing Jack Frost and Elsa instead. Hmm I wonder if this couple will ever get old. Hahaha.

Sketch of Dane Dehaan in his role of Lucien Carr from Kill Your Darlings. I love the heck out of this guy! He does angst so well in them movies ;v;

WIP for genderbend Ahri, from League of Legends! Hopefully I actually finish this piece, haha..

(btw, sorry if the pixel quality is horrid!)

He’s gonna save the world..but first, he must take a selfie.

A quick sketch of the new Batgirl design by Babs Tarr! 

Just throwing around some concepts for a male!Ahri. Still experimenting!

Have some Scout and Spy sketches. :D I love Scout!! He’s such a smart-ass.


Chibi Ahri! Sketched during a meeting. :v

Sketch of Shintaro from Mekakucity Actors/Kagerou Project! :>

Officially launching..my completed set of Bravely Default badges!! :D I’ll be selling these at future local conventions here in Singapore in the coming months, do look out for them!

June 8:
Street Pass Tea Party

June 15:
Cosfest Comics Black Market

July 5-6:
Cosfest XIII 2014

Come say hi if you happen to be attending these events! x)

Sneak preview of badges I’m working on for Bravely Default! :D Can’t wait to finish them..! Agnes and Tiz are on the way too!

"You’re a fraud, Spider-Man!”
- Harry Osborn, TASM 2

I love the way he slowly broke down during the course of the movie. So much anger and angst! +_+

Here’s some commission work I recently did for SadieAM26 of deviantART! This is her Hetalia OC, Marlands. :)

More sketches for Bravely Default! And yeah, that’s Edea with the top half of her Bravo Bikini.. :b